Festivals and Events in Gensan


Kalilangan Festival

Kalilangan Festival is an annual celebration in General Santos City held in the Month of February. It coincides with the city’s founding anniversary and is held in celebration of the arrival of the pioneers of General Santos City which was led by Gen. Paulino Santos and the warm welcome of the local residents mainly the Maguindanaoans and B’laans that created a harmonious relationship between them.The Festival is also a celebration of the city’s economic growth, progressive tourism and and entertainment and also showcases the memory of its glorious past and old age traditions.

Street Dancing in Kalilangan

IT SEEMED like the entire populace of General Santos City was out in the streets last February 27. It was the last day of the Kalilangan Festival 2010, and the day when dance contingents brought their best to the streets of General Santos City.The contingents were divided into two categories: the Kadsagayan Competition and the Mindanao Festivals Competition. The contingents from within General Santos City competed in the Kadsagayan Competition.Meanwhile, groups representing the various festivals in Mindanao competed in the Mindanao Festivals Competition.Competing in the Kadsagayan Competition were Barangay Bula, Buayan High School, SPED High School, Trade School, and Datu Acad Elementary School.And representing their festivals were contingents from Malapatan, Bagumbayan, Tampakan, Sultan Kudarat Pendatun 1, General Santos City, Sarmiento, and Sultan Kudarat Pendatun 2. Together with their own Festival Queens, the contingents from other parts showcased their best music and dance on the streets of General Santos City.

Tuna festival

General Santos City is a three time awardee for the “Most Competitive City” in the Philippines for the years 1999-2000 (all cities), 2000-2001 (mid-sized city) and 2001-2002, an honor bestowed by the Asian Institute of Management SGV policy forum and the Department of Trade and Industry. 
Perhaps, unlike more prominent Philippine festivals which started out as an output of a planned concept, Tuna Festival sprung from a spontaneous idea. In 1998, during the 30th City Charter Anniversary, the General Santos City Tourism Association (GSCTA) – a consortium of hotels, resorts, restaurants, travel agencies, and other tourism-related establishments, then chaired by Mrs. Liwanag Ferrer – staged a one of a kind affair at the then Halieus Mall (now RD Plaza), that showcased gastronomical tuna cuisine through culinary competitions, exhibits, and such other visual and taste delights anchoring on the bounty of the sea with emphasis on tuna as the central thematic relishment. 
A Parada sa dagat or street dancing, Tuna revolution or float parade competition including the Higante ng dagat competition is one of the highlights during the culmination of the activities is expected to have a live in the street signaling to Gensanian’s. The Bancarera competition and the opening of the 5th tuna congress and trade exhibit for tuna industry, the Coca-cola Hottah concert, Shashimi night and the blood bath would be on Sept. 4 during the said event in oval plaza tuna saya will also be held at the where luscious sashimi are serve while ethnic and folk dances are being presented to paid ticket holders. 

Tuna Float Competition in Tuna Festival

The week-long celebration features different events and activities focusing on the tuna industry of the province. Among these are the annual Tuna Congress, the Tuna Fiesta Carnival, the Tuna Culinary Skills Competition, the Sashimi Night, the Fish Dance Competition, Miss GenSan Pageant, the Bodyfest Modeling Competition, and the Float Light Parade.Aside from food exhibitions and several other competitions, the festival also highlights the annual Karagatan Awards. This event, organized by the Tuna Festival Council and local government, honors “the unsung heroes of the fishing industry” by giving them awards.

Sto. Niño Fluvial Parade in bula  Gensan

I did really felt the “fiesta fever” while on board the fishing vessel during theSto.Niño Fluvial Parade, there were foods prepared by each participating vessels for everyone to partake. There’s also inuman, singing and some dancing to the tune of the sinulog beat. Some of the fishing vessels ahead of ours also released balloons to the sky and some others fireworks.Devotees of the Senior Sto.Niños and revelers on-board fishing vesselsAnd here’s a video to give you an idea what’s happening on-board the fishing vessels during and before the Sto.Niño Fluvial Parade in Bula, General Santos CityThe highlight of the Feast of the Senior Sto. Niño in Barangay Bula is the fluvial parade which is participated by most of the fishing industry players in General Santos City, most of which were from Brgy. Bula.

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GenSan’s Klaja Cave

GenSan’s Klaja Cave

What is in General Santos City that they don’t know? Aside from being the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, what else have they heard about General Santos City? Well, in the event you would try to know & visit the place I guess you will be amaze of what the hidden treasure is… it’s KLAJA.
Its been decades ago when the World War is over. The Japanese had already surrendered to the Americans in 1945.
But… does the people knew where the last bastion of the Japanese Imperial Army was? Well , even they Filipinos doesn’t even know it. Since it was not said in any history books.
Klaja is found at Barangay Conel, which is located 15km at the North East side of General Santos City, at Barangay Conel, Kalaja is then surrounded with towers of karsts formation made millions of years ago. It produced waterfalls & caves.
Opposite of this area were the Ranch or the camping ground of Nopol Hills which borders Conel & Brgy. Mabuhay & it offers a wide view of Gensan, Sarangani Bay & some parts of South Cotabato & Sarangani Province.
What is Klaja? Well some other Bisaya would say kalaha, which is named a frying pot., but what is Klaja & what is in that place? Based from our research, the B’laans would define it as a name of a river which is crocked in shape. They actually call it as El’ K’laja, el means water & klaja is a river.
On entering the place you require to pass & cross rivers & walk & jump over different in to shapes of stones, & while hiking you can enjoy the sceneries of the different formations of mountains.
There’s ten caves used by the Japanese Imperial Army as their dwelling place in the coursework of the World War two. There’s even caves allegedly known as the hospitals of the Japanese Army , their outpost area & headquarters of the Japanese Officers namely: General Kuroda, who is next to General Yamashita. The place is historical & there’s identified bunkers in the said area, at Guadalope, Nopol & at Malakong.
Aside from that, there’s caves in which stalagmites & stalactites are present. You can see the beauty of nature in it. Bats & sparrows where present in to that’s caves, as if that you are been gone in to the caves of some other countries, but for me, Klaja is the best among them, historical site were present & it appears to be educational & lovely for those who would like to go on nature tripping. The place is also suited for outdoor sports like off-road racing, rock climbing, mountain bicycle racing competition ,camping & also photography.

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GENSAN airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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G.S.C Airport

G.S.C Airport


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General Santos International Airport (Filipino: Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Heneral Santos, Cebuano: Tugpahanang Pangkalibutanon sa Heneral Santos, Hiligaynon: Pangkalibutan nga Hulugpaan sang Heneral Santos) (IATA: GES, ICAO: RPMR) is an alternate international airport located in General Santos CityPhilippines serving the greater area of SOCCSKSARGEN (Region XII). Situated in Barangay Fatima, the airport is the largest airport in the island of Mindanao[2] and is officially classified an International Airport by theCivil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), a government bureau which is responsible in the management and operations of General Santos International Airport and all other airports in the country except regular international airports.

Inaugurated on 6 July 1996 in time to serve the influx of visitors, athletes and participants coming in from different parts of the country who were taking part in the 42nd annual Palarong Pambansa (National Games) that was held in South CotabatoSarangani Provinceand General Santos City (SOCSARGEN) area at that time. Since then, the new airport immediately replaced the old and smaller Buayan Airport in Barangay Buayan, which is now converted into an air station for the use of The Philippine Air Force and renamed it “Rajah Buayan Air Station”. Though new, wider and much modern, General Santos International Airport nevertheless retained its oldIATA airport code (GES) from the old Buayan Airport.

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gensan malls

gensan malls





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