Cassava Cracker :*)

Hello! Generals! We all know that Filipinos were food lover, I would like to introduce one of the favorite tidbits of Filipinos. It is very simple, dainty yet unique in taste. It’s made up of Cassava, which is the third-largest source of food carbohydrates in the tropics, after rice and corn. It is coated Cassava Cracker that perfects for everyone’s crave 🙂 #OnlyInGenSan




General Santos City celebrates its charter day every 5th of September with its week-long Tuna Festival. The Generals pay homage to the industry that brought the southernmost city in the Philippines into economic spotlight–tuna fisheries and processing. Also, on 5 September, 1958, General Santos became a city. The rest became part of its colourful history.
A lot of us may know GenSan as “The Tuna Capital of the Philippines.” Who wouldn’t? Majority of the tuna canning factories and processing plants are located here, employing thousands of people and earning millions every year. It was because of tuna that brought GenSan from being a “backwater dusty city,” into a boom-town.
As a tribute to the Generals’ flagship industry, hardwork, and determination to develop, GenSan perks itself up by celebrating its city-hood with illuminated tuna float replicas parading the streets with music, dance, and art during the annual Tuna Festival. Thousands of Generals march towards the main avenues to watch the parade and be merry.
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