GenSan’s Klaja Cave

GenSan’s Klaja Cave

What is in General Santos City that they don’t know? Aside from being the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, what else have they heard about General Santos City? Well, in the event you would try to know & visit the place I guess you will be amaze of what the hidden treasure is… it’s KLAJA.
Its been decades ago when the World War is over. The Japanese had already surrendered to the Americans in 1945.
But… does the people knew where the last bastion of the Japanese Imperial Army was? Well , even they Filipinos doesn’t even know it. Since it was not said in any history books.
Klaja is found at Barangay Conel, which is located 15km at the North East side of General Santos City, at Barangay Conel, Kalaja is then surrounded with towers of karsts formation made millions of years ago. It produced waterfalls & caves.
Opposite of this area were the Ranch or the camping ground of Nopol Hills which borders Conel & Brgy. Mabuhay & it offers a wide view of Gensan, Sarangani Bay & some parts of South Cotabato & Sarangani Province.
What is Klaja? Well some other Bisaya would say kalaha, which is named a frying pot., but what is Klaja & what is in that place? Based from our research, the B’laans would define it as a name of a river which is crocked in shape. They actually call it as El’ K’laja, el means water & klaja is a river.
On entering the place you require to pass & cross rivers & walk & jump over different in to shapes of stones, & while hiking you can enjoy the sceneries of the different formations of mountains.
There’s ten caves used by the Japanese Imperial Army as their dwelling place in the coursework of the World War two. There’s even caves allegedly known as the hospitals of the Japanese Army , their outpost area & headquarters of the Japanese Officers namely: General Kuroda, who is next to General Yamashita. The place is historical & there’s identified bunkers in the said area, at Guadalope, Nopol & at Malakong.
Aside from that, there’s caves in which stalagmites & stalactites are present. You can see the beauty of nature in it. Bats & sparrows where present in to that’s caves, as if that you are been gone in to the caves of some other countries, but for me, Klaja is the best among them, historical site were present & it appears to be educational & lovely for those who would like to go on nature tripping. The place is also suited for outdoor sports like off-road racing, rock climbing, mountain bicycle racing competition ,camping & also photography.


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